We have previously posted some free wallpapers for lads that show some pretty ladies, they have gone down a storm getting lots of traffic over the years. So we are bringing more of the good stuff to you. If you are into motors then these should float your boat.

Here are 25 wallpapers you can install on your iPhone 3 (update: yep it’s old now, this post was published in 2014) that are of really smart classic cars. They are free to download now so any you like go ahead and grab them.

We presume you are already on your handheld, but if you are on a PC or laptop you will need to right-click to save them to your hard drive. The upload them to your phone from there. Alternatively, you can send them via email to your phone and then save them to your phone’s gallery and set as wallpaper from there.

Rear view of an Audi R8 in silver

The rear view of an Audi R8 in silver

A very pretty setting for a very pretty car, really looks the business this does.

Scenery and Bentley

Beautiful green scenery in the background with a nice example of a Bentley in the foreground

Many peoples favourites these motors.

Classic looking blue cobra

Classic looking blue cobra with white stripes down the middle.

BMW Z4, a big improvement on the Z3.

BMW sports car

BMW sports car for life in the fast lane.

If you like rapid acceleration and pure fun a Lotus has to be up there. Not ideal for big guys though.

Lotus Elise in yellow

Classic car for good fun. A Lotus Elise in yellow.

Americans will love this. A big powerful engine!

5.7l V8 dodge engine

5.7l V8 dodge engine.

May normally be associated with the color red, but this blue Ferrari logo still looks good.

Ferrari blue logo

For fans of Ferrari a blue digital logo.

Very iconic GTR logo, another rapid machine.

GTR badge

GTR badge for loyal fans.

Owned by BMW and made in the UK. This is the Mini Cooper which has thousands of very loyal fans.

John Cooper Works by Mini

Built in Britain this is the fast and fun John Cooper Works by Mini.

Instantly recognised shape of the Maserati logo.

Distinctive Masterati logo

Distinctive Masterati logo shape on front grille.

Imagine this beast parked on your drive way at night.

Classic supercar in Orange

Classic supercar in Orange.

Wouldn’t mind a bit of summer fun with the roof down on this one.

Silver Ferrari convertible

Silver Ferrari convertible with the roof down. Summer fun!

One for those who like to make a statement out on the road!

Yellow and black paintwork

Yellow and black paintwork.

The Mercedes AMG cars are brutal, nothing else to call them. Here is an engine from one of the models.

AMG engine

AMG engine, not for the light hearted!

This post needs to have the odd cheeky bird in their as well, so here’s a start.

Blue Subaru

Blue Subaru with a pretty girl in front of it.

Not many peoples take on a classic but the modern diesels by Audi have made a lot of people fall in love with their cars. The torque will grip you to the seat beautifully in a diesel car.

Audi engine

Diesels have came along way and the ones by Audi are now very good.

For Bentley lovers.

Artistic photo of a Bentley

Artistic photo of a Bentley

Now this is just super cool. Sweet ride!

Orange Chevrolet Camaro

Orange Chevrolet Camaro with black stripes.

Another awesome British car. Would love to own one of these beauties.

Aston Martin in black

Aston Martin in black on a mountain road.

GTR with body colors going on.


GTR with special body colors.

Time yet for another sexy lady, ok here you go. Look at the legs on her! Zoom in and you may even notice something through her t-shirt, if you get my drift.

Golden car

Girl with long legs sits on golden car.

Another serious bit of kit, this is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren tourer which was released in 2003.

McLaren SLR

Very powerful car, need deep pockets to afford the McLaren SLR!

These may not be supercars, but as classic autos go the famous New York taxis have to be up there. They have became a design icon and are on so many posters and canvases.

Famous orange New York taxis

Famous orange New York taxis in traffic.

This is a really cool photograph of the Rolls Royce phantom with a variety of different colors in the background, this style makes a really nice wallpaper on your phone.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom is not for those who like to not avoid attention.

Last but certainly not least is another amazing British car. James Bond’s favourite mode of transport, an Aston Martin. One of the prettiest machines ever.

Beautiful Aston Martin Coupe

Beautiful Aston Martin Coupe.

We hope you liked those. Grab your favorites now and put them on to your phone for free. There is no need to pay for these sorts of things, lots of websites provide good images like this at no cost, a good way to snazz up your device in a thrifty way! Buying a case would cost money, this needs no expenses.

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