The book is currently being written and will be available in 2019.

It will be available through Amazon as a paperback book as well as here as a PDF. Due to the nature of the book being a product that can make you thousands of pounds it will retail around the £50 price range. This is very low cost relative to the ROI if you follow what the book says. The price is also set to weed out people trying to “get-rich-quick” who won’t make an effort to put into action what the book says.

The book will cover how this website makes money, the real costs to run it, how it was setup and how it is promoted. You can follow everything to build your own successful online business. Your website wouldn’t have to be in the personal finance niche, it could be in any niche, the promotion tactics and creation method of the website work for any niche.

Please keep checking back to this page for when an official release date is posted.