Category: Doing Good

Changing habits is hard. Unfortunately some of our habits are seriously damaging our planet. But there are alternatives. Sometimes it can be tricky to know about the alternatives and whether they’re genuinely useful. In this section are blog posts looking into ways that we may be able to make a positive impact on our beautiful planet and improve our finances at the same time. When it comes to reducing pollution, plastics, and overall personal consumption it’s easy to say, “what’s the point, it won’t make a difference.” If personal finance comes into it then making change benefits yourself and our planet.

Save money and reduce the amount of plastics in your life – It’s a win, win situation!

In this blog post I look at possible ways to reduce plastic and save money at the same time.

Review of the Refill app that allows you to find free water refill stations across Britain

The Refill scheme allows you to go into lots of businesses in Britain and refill your water bottle up, rather than having to buy bottled water off the shelf. Here I take a look at the app.