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If you desire to have a big income then owning a website is one of the most popular ways to do it. These days it is within reach for everybody. One of the most common types to run is a blog. You can setup a blog on any topic you know and love, or a topic you think will make lots of profit. It’s challenging to make it successful and takes time. But with hard work the results can be rewarding and give a strong sense of achievement as well as a bigger bank balance. Here are my latest posts to help you succeed. In the future the plan is to also publish ways to setup different types of web businesses as well as more tips to increase your chance of success.

Whois tool for bloggers to see if a domain is registered

Running your own website can be a great side hustle to have. But first you have to find a good website name!

How to use your business plan for guidance but not become numb to it

I have a business plan that covers all aspects of my business. Without a doubt all businesses should have one no matter what stage they’re at.

How you can get remote access to your home PC if you use it for business or making extra income

This service can help give you peace of mind while away on holiday.

Can you use any web hosting provider for adult websites?

In this article we look at providers of adult web hosting and what to look out for. This is a sector to tread carefully in so this advice should help.

Let’s get sticky: can you setup an adult website & make money from it?

Having received emails about the adult industry I thought I’d look into it. Read how to setup your website now.

BlueHost stop prorated refunds on web hosting and there’s still no monthly payment option

BlueHost won’t give you a refund if you cancel after 30 days. There is also no monthly payment option.

Pinterest results from using BoardBooster free trial to schedule pins

I decided to run a test to see how many new followers I could get from scheduling 10 pins for 10 days.

How to use IDrive for online backups

This is a guide on how to use an online backup service, for free, you have to join with a valid email address but no money needs to be spent.

Review of WPTouch Pro mobile plugin – worth the investment?

After using the Wordpress plugin for a bit here are my thoughts on whether it is worth paying for the pro version.

How to turn blog grammar bullies in your favour

Tips on ways to benefit from people who leave nasty comments in your blog section.

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