Personal finance is all about getting value for money. Saving up and treating yourself is good. There aren’t many things cooler to buy then awesome gadgets! So here is a nifty little collection of fun stuff you can get your mittens on right now. Click individual images to reach the retailers and see a live price.

Something to make you giggle:
Rude Opener
This will get you wet:
Beer Pong
Looks cool in your house:
Coffee maker app
Attract the ladies (USA only):
Buy Sex Panther by Brian Fontana
Be a smartE pants:
Smart ePants
Best BBQ ever:
BQ boat
Sushi bazooka:
Sushi Bazooka
Get some gold between your legs:
Gold bike
World’s most expensive vacuum:
Gold vacuum
Get some danglies on your saddle:
Dangly balls for your bike
Mini speaker, massive sound:
Bose mini speaker
Cook up a big breakfast:

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