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Shell FuelSave – Technology behind new money saving fuel

This news post was published in 2010 and may now be out of date. It’s kept here for historical purposes.

Take your pick – Sex or the internet? You can’t have both!

Some interesting research figures from Intel.

Connext – A glance into the future world of gadgets!

This news post was published in 2007 and is now archived and no longer updated.

British Gas announce customer loyalty scheme to launch in April 2017

Energy provider British Gas have unveiled a new customer loyalty program. The scheme is called “British Gas Rewards”.

Spare5 increase minimum payout to $5 affecting all workers

Spare5 has announced they are increasing their minimum payout to $5. UPDATE: the change has now been reversed.

16% of over-40’s expect to need financial help in retirement

Many young people in Britain will shriek at this, but unfortunately, a study done by MetLife is probably close to reality.

Royal Mail squeeze stamp prices higher by 1p from March 27th 2017

Royal Mail have announced the stamp prices for 2017. A first class stamp will cost you 65p and a second class stamp will cost you 56p.

New £1 coin for 2017 and everything you need to know

Following in the wake of the new plastic £5 notes is the new 12-sided £1 coin for 2017.

Ofgem report a big increase in people switching energy suppliers

Ofgem have published data on the number of customers switching energy suppliers in 2016. 7.7 million gas or electricity switches were done in the UK last year.

UK TV License fee squeezes up slightly to £147 for the year 2017

The British Government has announced the cost of your TV license is going up, by £1.50. From April 2017 the price to pay will be £147, previously it was £145.50.

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