Royal Mail has announced that the price of stamps will rise, by 1p, from March the 27th 2017. This will mean the price of a first-class stamp is 65p and a second class stamp is 56p.

The small increase will add up to mean extra costs for businesses but is hopefully small enough not to cause any damage. Unless you send a huge amount of letters this won’t noticeably impact consumers.

It’s worth remembering that the postal service in the UK is brilliant compared to other European countries. And it is a giant leap ahead of countries like Australia, anyone who has experience of the Australian post service will know exactly what I mean!

In the press release Royal Mail shared these facts.
Royal Mail price comparison

It is good to see we still have very competitive prices compared to the average of other major countries in Europe. Overall we do get fair value for money. Lots of people seem to enjoy criticizing the Royal Mail and expect the service to be cheap and near-perfect. Unfortunately, life isn’t that easy when you consider the volume of postage they have to get through.

Let’s hope for the long-term the price rises can be kept to a minimum and the service standard kept high. Fewer people are sending letters these days and it seems likely the number of letters being posted will continue to decline as technology continues to develop. How those numbers change may affect how prices change.

February 24, 2017

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