Published: July 21, 2010

Shell FuelSave – Technology behind new money-saving fuel

Shell claim it will save drivers money

This blog post was published in 2010, it may now be out of date.

Shell have replaced their unleaded and diesel fuels with a new range called FuelSave. They say drivers will use less fuel at no extra cost in comparison to their previous fuels. The new ingredients added to their products are a closely guarded secret.

Shell Amsterdam Technology CentreShell say they spent 5 years developing the new fuel products in their own Technology Centres. It’s available now to buy on forecourts in the UK (other countries availability varies).

So how do Shell say the products achieve the improvements?

Efficiency improver – Unleaded

FuelSave lubricates engine parts ‘normal’ fuels don’t reach, such as the upper piston ring. This reduces energy losses in the engine. The result is more of the fuel’s energy is available to drive the wheels.

The fuel also contains special detergents to help keep the inlet valves clean. This also helps in improving efficiency.

Efficiency improver – Diesel

The diesel fuel works in a different way to the petrol because diesel engines are different to petrol engines. The new diesel FuelSave is designed to ignite and burn more effectively than regular diesel, the claimed end result is more effective combustion in the engine.

Once again the fuel also helps protect against harmful build-ups on engine parts. This will benefit the engine over many years and even decades for some vehicles.

ForecourtWhat are the claimed benefits of FuelSave for drivers?

Shell say it will mean financial savings when compared to their previous fuels. If you fill your tank full once per week, and the average cost over a year is £1.10 per litre, then in that year you would save a claimed £57.20 (presuming you achieve the 1 litre saving each time). A worthwhile saving.

Long-term it should also help keep some of your engine parts clean that would previously have got dirty and may have affected performance.

A small environmental benefit is also claimed. Shell say it brings a 2kg reduction of carbon dioxide every time you top up your tank.


We may not be talking about huge financial savings for consumers, but if achieved they’re still worthwhile. The small savings will also contribute a tiny bit to reducing how much fuel we use in the UK. With no extra cost to drivers who use Shell, it’s a no-brainer to continue buying it.

Images used above are owned by Shell, downloaded from their online Media Centre.