Topic: Profitable digital media business

Text, audio, video, software, video games, websites, databases and graphics are all types of digital media. It’s possible to run a profitable digital media business by utilising social media platforms and content distribution networks. This can be a fun side-business to run if you enjoy being creative. Revenue can be generated from Adsense ads, affiliate marketing programs, direct sales or contributions using subscription service platforms such as the Patreon membership platform.

Pinterest results from using BoardBooster free trial to schedule pins

I decided to run a test to see how many new followers I could get from scheduling 10 pins for 10 days.

Profitable digital media business Profitable websites

How to use IDrive for online backups

This is a guide on how to use an online backup service, for free, you have to join with a valid email address but no money needs to be spent.

Profitable digital media business Profitable websites