I’m not going to be all gloomy here about Brexit as lots of people would like. It’s happening and that’s that. For me it gives a great reason, amongst others, to get your personal finances in excellent shape right now.

You may think your money is already in decent shape, but it is always worth double-checking and finding ways to improve. It’s important you always balance the books, so let’s look into that.

Balance your finances

Ok that image doesn’t quite demonstrate how to balance your money properly. Potatoes are not the best tool for the job. Let’s get on with it properly.

Why I think now is the time to make an effort

Economies move in cycles, we go through periods of boom and bust. To what extent always varies. The truth is, countries like the UK and USA haven’t been in a recession for a long time now, they have been growing. We are due a recession and as we learned with the credit crunch, it can happen at any time. If your finances are on the edge now, a recession could push you over that edge.

There is also the cloud of Brexit hanging over the UK. That will remain for a while. The simple fact of uncertainty creates problems. I’m not saying it is all doom and gloom, but a period of readjustment could certainly mean things are a bit sluggish. You don’t need to be a genius to work that out!

My third reason for why now is a good time, is because there has never been such incredible information out there to help you. Using free online websites (like this one) and even websites you already use, like Pinterest, you can learn so much, there has never been a better time to do it.

How to go about checking your finances and improving them

You want to be improving your situation from both sides of things. Making more money, and spending less money. Doing a bit of both sides adds up to a big difference. Make sure that is your aim.

Everybody’s situation is different, grab yourself some paper and it’s time to brainstorm. Create a brainstorming chart for making more money, and a separate one for spending less money.

In terms of reducing living costs, even things like reducing how much water you use if you are metered and reducing the shopping bill each week are important. They add up to lots over a full-year.

For making more money you will want to start with the big opportunities, such as can you ask for a raise at work? Or if you are self-employed what methods can you come up with to increase profit. Alternatively, if you want to earn a few hundred pounds from home, you could do things like surveys, don’t forget my Qmee tips as well.

The key to victory – changing habits

Create new rules
First set out clearly your new financial goals and rules for how they’ll be achieved. Then it’s time to create habits.

Don’t just make the effort now and let it fizzle out. The trick is to come up with things that you can do consistently. To achieve that you need to form new habits. If you want to make extra money in the evenings from surveys, then get in the habit of sitting down every evening for an hour. Remember, an extra £3 per day, equals over £1000 per year!

If you don’t change your habits then you won’t improve your personal finances. It really is as simple as that. With now being one of the best times ever to get yourself into a position of strength, what are you waiting for?