This is just a bit of fun so don’t worry about it. Something different for this blog, something a bit saucy!

Here’s a tough question for you. But you need to answer the question before leaving this page, so get involved! The situation is this: you have to go for 2 weeks with only one of them – either sex or the internet – which do you choose? I know my instant reaction, and it seems most men are with me, check out the figures below!

Hot girl or gaming?

According to a study commissioned by the tech giant, Intel, 46% of women would be willing to give up sex for 2 weeks to keep their internet. In comparison only 30% of men would be prepared to do the same.*

Survey sample size and data

The US survey polled just over 2,100 adults in November to get these results. So it was a reasonable sample size but not huge. It also found out that the figures rose for younger people (18-35) to 49% of women choosing the internet over sex and 39% of men choosing the internet. This is no surprise though, randy little terrors!

Does this show women love the internet more than men, or does it just show males can’t live without sex? Well it doesn’t show either really, but it does clearly demonstrate how much we love our computers in this modern world. It’s incredible how much we rely on them and what a big part of our lives they are. For example, typing this right now is contributing towards me earning a living, if that was taken away then I sure couldn’t earn as much from the other thing!

Modern world opportunities

There are other people too who do it. If it’s a topic you’re interested in check out this post which talks about the adult sector. Make no mistake, it’s a sticky business, but on this blog it’s about leaving no stone unturned and hopefully you can take the same open attitude.

*Source of the statistics is no longer available after the article was deleted on the Intel blog. It was originally published way back in 2008, maybe somebody didn’t want this sort of data associated with the company!

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