In this video the focus is on a website that allow you to cashout instantly using Paypal. Ideal if you're in need of small amounts of quick cash. Or if you're the sort of person who doesn't like to wait for survey websites to payout.

  • Video Title: Sites that allow you to get instant payouts via Paypal
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Video Transcript

[0:02] This is just a very quick video to show you the only website I know that pays instant via Paypal doing surveys.

[0:12] It's called Qmee so i'll include my link in the description bit, but in a nutshell it's predominantly for... You join Qmee and then it shows sponsored results in the search engines. So you get to do you normal searches. There will be some extra results and if you click on them, you get a bit money. So i'm in the uk. So it'd six or seven eight pence and that just builds up over time.

But they also have surveys which there seem to have been getting more and more overtime. You can see here the current ones available. It tells you roughly how many minutes they'll take and the exact amount you receive. So it is sort of jostling around, the surveys come and go fairly quickly. That one's very good. Fifty three pence for six minutes.

And then what happens is soon as you finish the survey, the money goes into your account and you can then... there's zero fresh hold so on your dashboard you can then, says, cash please, direct transfer to your paypal account, or gift cards. Then you click on paypal and through it goes. And it is pretty much instant, by the time you've logged out of Qmee, logged into your paypal, the money will be in there. So this is the only survey website that I know that pays instantly via paypal.

[1:31] So if anybody knows any else, share them in the comments. Yeah, i would recommend this, the amounts are fairly low, but you can build upon amount over time if you want to. Or just get constant dribbles of cash really. I hope that helps, go join it and get sticking some more money in your bank account.