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Even kettle and toaster sets can be trendy!

Functional and beautiful, make your kitchen look cool today.

Review of WPTouch Pro mobile plugin – worth the investment?

After using the Wordpress plugin for a bit here are my thoughts on whether it is worth paying for the pro version.

The best simple remote controls for the elderly

A look at how these universal remote controls may be able to help older people who have poor eyesight or arthritis.

10 tips that will improve your Crossy Road highest score!

Lots of ways that you can get a new high score on the addictive game.

How to turn blog grammar bullies in your favour

Tips on ways to benefit from people who leave nasty comments in your blog section.

Review of how the service could be improved

A look at the online newspaper service and the shortfalls of the website as it is in 2014.

Google leaves thousands of Adsense users with a serious issue in the dark

Thousands of users have had the same problem of an error message showing in their account. Yet google offers no solution and no support.

25 classic car wallpapers for your iPhone 3

These files are only small in size so they are ideal for your smartphone. All are classic cars and free to download now.

How to add subtitles to your WordPress blog posts

Adding subtitles can look good but also draw in more readers. Here is a step-by-step guide on using a plugin to install subtitles on Wordpress.

3 easy ways to earn extra Nectar points online

Let’s take a look at different ways to earn with Nectar in the UK.

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