Here’s a little bit of background information about the MoneyCortex website and what it stands for. Discover about the past, present, and future.


Welcome to the MoneyCortex personal finance blog. The main focus here is to help you discover ways to increase your income, lower your living costs, have fun for free, and build some good money habits. There are lots of bloggers in the finance niche. Many of whom post great content. But often it doesn’t focus enough on the user and it can be all to easy to read a post and not act on it. To truly change your path and improve your bank balance you need to apply what you learn to your life and often change your habits. Easier said than done! That’s what this website aims to do. Not only expose you to ways of improving your finance. But also help you apply it to your life and build new habits. Our brains are powerful, let’s use them!

History of MoneyCortex

The website was founded in January 2007 using a different name. It started out life covering technology news only. Over time the content changed in focus and started reviewing different types of websites. One of the most popular posts was about the Nectar Card reward scheme. That article was published in 2013 and remains live to this day. Due to the popularity of posts like that the decision was made to focus on creating a personal finance information resource. That’s where the brand is today!

Where things are now

On October 10th 2018 the website fully rebranded to become “MoneyCortex” and has a much clearer identity for 2021 and beyond. Where does our brand name come from? The “cortex” is the largest part of our brain, associated with higher brain function such as thought and action. The cortex contains 16 billion neurons! Let’s use them to get creative, work hard and boost all our bank balances.


Lot’s of new content is drafted covering all aspects of personal finance. You can follow on social media to keep up with it. The plan is to also launch a free newsletter in the future. Thanks for visiting and learning more!