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TopCashback is a reward website that pays you back a percentage of purchases you make online at selected retailers. Because getting cashback is fairly effortless and there are no skills required, it’s a staple part of many side-hustlers toolkits. is predominantly U.S.-focused but does allow Canadians to join and get cashback. Your money will be in the U.S. Dollar currency but you can withdraw it to your PayPal account. From your PayPal account you can convert the cash into Canadian Dollars.

Here are some important things to know about TopCashback for shoppers in Canada.

How TopCashback Works

  1. You create an account
  2. Login and browse the hundreds of retailers that are in Canada and the U.S. on their platform
  3. Click on the buttons to visit a retailer
  4. Shop as normal on the retailers website and place your order
  5. Wait for the cashback to appear in your account
  6. The cashback will have a status, once it’s marked as “payable” you can cashout

Don’t worry if it seems a bit complicated, it’s super easy once you’ve done it!

What’s the catch with TopCashback?

There’s no catch. Online retailers and brands have an affiliate type agreement with TopCashback. That means TopCashback receives a commission on each sale that results from someone visiting via the TopCashback website. Part of that commission goes into your pocket. It’s a form of marketing for online retailers and brands to boost their sales.

Do I have to buy products from Canadian companies listed on TopCashback?

No, the company can be based in the U.S., as long as it’s listed on the TopCashback website and ships to Canada you’re eligible for cashback. If you do lots of cross-border shopping you will rack up more earnings from cashback.

How much can I earn?

The percentage cashback you receive on every order you place will vary. It will always clearly tell you on the TopCashback website before you visit the retailer. If you are a regular online shopper you can earn reasonable amounts over time.

How do I get paid by TopCashback?

There is no minimum balance needed to withdraw your money. Even if your balance is only cents you can still withdraw it! You can transfer your cash balance from TopCashback to PayPal.

When you successfully have cashback tracked into your account you will have to wait for it to have a status of “payable” before you can withdraw it. Sometimes it takes a long time to reach “payable” status, other times it happens within weeks. This is partly to ensure unscrupulous users can’t abuse the system. Otherwise, shoppers could request refunds from retailers after they’ve been paid the cashback.

What retailers are on the TopCashback platform?

Here’s just a small selection of companies you can get cashback from*:

  • The Body Shop
  • Gap Canada
  • Microsoft
  • Staples
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart Canada
  • Lego
  • Mountain Warehouse CA

Other questions and good things to be aware of

Does my cashback automatically track in my account?

It is supposed to. Normally within days it will track and show in your account how much you’ve earned. Sometimes it doesn’t track successfully. In that scenario, you can contact support with a general inquiry.

Can I pay for my shopping with Klarna while using TopCashback?

Yes. The payment method when checking out on a website doesn’t matter, as long as you have clicked the link on TopCashback to get to a retailer you should still receive credit.

How do I join?

It’s free to create an account on the homepage at

Any tips to help me get started?

Yes! When you first use the website take a good look around to get comfortable with it. Take a browse at the wide range of retailers and see what levels of cashback they offer. Be sure to keep an eye out for new member offers, they can give you some juicy cashback!

*correct at time of the latest update, always check the official website for current cashback availability.

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