If you use your home PC to run a business or make extra income then sometimes you may need access to the device while you’re away. This could be while on holiday or perhaps just on a day trip and suddenly you could do with being able to get onto your computer back at home. Let’s look at one way that you can do that.

There are lots of reasons you may need to gain remote access. It could be because you forgot to do something. Or perhaps you want to transfer some files from another device you’re using away from the home office. Or it could even be for security reasons in an emergency. It’s also useful if your company grows and teams of people need access to one device.

Whatever the reasons there are services that allow you to do it. This post is an article taking a look at the Remote Access service provided by a company called RemotePC.

How much does RemotePC cost?

There are different packages available at RemotePC. The cheapest plan, titled ‘Consumer’, costs $39.50 per year. Prices will vary over time depending on when you’re reading this blog post. It’s cheap as chips. The ‘Consumer’ package gives access to up to 2 computers so would be ideal for many people.

Compare prices of the RemotePC packages
Compare prices of the RemotePC packages (correct at time of publishing this post)

Now you know the prices let’s take a look at some of the key features. If you aren’t familiar with this sort of service then this will hopefully help make it a bit clearer.

Key features of RemotePC

The key feature is that with this service you get the ability to access your Mac or PC from anywhere any time as long as you have an internet connection.

By having access you can do things like managing your files, print important documents, and transfer data. Whatever you need to do, as long as you have an internet connection you can remotely take full control of your computer at home.

You don’t have to be on another computer or Mac to access your PC. You can also do it via an Android device or an Apple device like an iPhone.

When you take control of your home computer remotely it is done via a secure encrypted connection. Here is an image from the RemotePC website showing some of the features explained far better than I could.

Important features
Important features

They also offer full support including a phone number which is always good in case of serious issues.

That was a look at the service then. If you think it is something that may benefit your business then look more into it. These sort of services can also act to soothe any worries you may have while on holiday. Knowing that as long as you have access to the internet you can get full control over your home desktop at any time can help you relax. Other solutions are using cloud services for everything.

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Last update: May 2, 2023