In this episode the topic is how you can use websites like Topcashback and Quidco to make guaranteed profits using casino cashback offers. You need to be in the UK to do it.

Apologies for some of the poor quality recdording. I had to hold my microphone during the episode and you can hear the pop filter moving around. Also please note this was recorded before the rebranding to “MoneyCortex”.

It’s a nice easy method to do in the evenings as part of a side hustle. If you are already living the thrifty lifestyle and want to increase the number of weapons in your money-making arsenal then this is a good one. All you need is a laptop to do it.

If your current account is a bit empty it shouldn’t matter, the online casinos accept credit cards anyway. This may eat into your profit a little bit but is better than not doing it at all.

For further details you can read the blog post about the casino cashback method for making money.

This method is completely legal and is actually quite good fun. It’s rare you get the chance to try and hit big profits with no risk so why not give it a blast and see whether lady luck is shining her light on you at the moment.

Episode 2

Episode 2 – Podcast Transcription

[0:02] Welcome to the second episode of the podcast I’m Chris and today we’ll be looking at a method of making money which I don’t really think it has a specific name.
But in a nutshell, it is how to make money from cashback offers on casino websites. It’s kind of in a similar vein to matched betting, but at the same time it’s slightly different as well.


[0:30] So if you don’t know anything about matched betting, obviously that won’t mean a lot. But in a nutshell, it’s taking advantage of offers that gambling websites provide you with, and the similar sort of thing is done on casino websites.

[0:46] So you can take advantage to either make some guaranteed profits.
But there won’t be that big, but they are very easy to do all you can use the sort of free offers if you like to try and hit it big and try and get the slots to shine a bit of luck on you and at the same time you will still break-even. As long as you get your maths right so it’s your choice – guaranteed profits or go for the big profit.

[1:17] Let’s talk through in this podcast how you do it. If you want to read the full blog post, it’s published on the website. If anything doesn’t make sense, you can tweet me or contact me through the website however you want, but hopefully I’ll do my best to try and make sense.
So the first thing you need is setup accounts at and, and you need them at both websites because they have slightly different offers for the different casino websites. In terms of getting maximum profit, you do need account both them.
So the first thing you do, if you haven’t got accounts is go and create them and login. And then once you’re in the account, they both have gambling categories, they’re not that easily found, they’re not on the main menu bit.

[2:09] For Topcashback they have, on the menus it says entertainment and leisure. You go to that and click on gambling and on Quidco they have a part of the menu that says “show more”. And once again there’s gambling there.
So you want to get into those two sections and you see all the different casino websites.
Once you’ve found them, how does this work? How do we actually make profit from it while the casino’s use us as a method to get more players so they pay cash back for you to join.
The requirement is that you wager a minimum amount of money, but the amount you have to wager is always it’s, normally really low. Sort of twenty pounds, ten to twenty pounds and the cash back is often about the same or a lot more money.
So all you do is go onto the slots… is obviously join the casinos through the cashback websites.

[3:03] And then you deposit the minimum that says so it’s normally ten pound or twenty pound. And then you have to wager that amount, not in one spin obviously on the slots.
But you want to do it so, it’s, twenty five pence a spin. And then, once you’ve wagered it, the minimum amount, you then get your cash back.
I’ve got a ladbrokes example to read out here for you. This is from topcashback. And it says, open a new account and deposit and wager at least twenty pounds within three days of clicking through to Ladbrokes. And the cash back is forty pound and twenty five pence so there’s, a stonewall guaranteed twenty pound and twenty five pence profit.

[3:50] And that’s, if you didn’t make a single penny on the slots, but that will never happen because they pay out anywhere from sort of ninety two percent to ninety nine percent.
So, for example, if somebody waged a hundred pound on average, they will get between ninety two, ninety nine pound back, so the house always has that small percentage in its favour. No different to blackjack, roulette, that sort of thing where the house will always eventually win because it has a very small percentage advantage it’s the same in slots. But it means if you wager twenty pounds, you’re normally get most of that twenty pound back.

[4:28] So in terms of working out, profit you add the cash back. In the case of ladbrokes that’s forty pound, twenty five pence, plus the amount that remains in your casino account once you’ve wagered everything. So let’s say you deposited twenty pound and you just won the same amount, so you won twenty pound, you add the cash back plus the amount in your account, which would be sixty pounds and twenty five pence and then you minus whatever the deposit was. Obviously in this case, it was twenty pound anyway, so we go back to the forty pound twenty five, the cashback would be, your entire profit. Forty pound and twenty five pence. And it doesn’t take long so all you do is click through, join, deposit and wager the minimum amount, you just have to work it out.
So if it’s wager twenty pounds and it’s say, you’re on a slots game where it’s twenty pence a spin it will obviously be a hundred spins.
Twenty pounds divided by twenty is a hundred.
As you’re playing you simply count in your head. How many spins you’ve done? Once you get to one hundred you know you’ve met the minimum required and what I then recommend you do from there is just to wait. Log out the account. Or you might want to do a few more spins. Maybe you’re up a bit in profit. And you think, “yeah, why not.”

[5:46] But then logout and wait for the cash back to show up into your account. Whether that’s topcashback, or quidco. It normally happens very quickly. Sometimes it can take a few days and i think normally in their terms, it says up to seven days.

[6:03] What I think it’s best to do is leave the money in the casino account. Wait for the cashback to track, and then from there you can decide what to do.
You can do the maths to see how much profit you’ve made. Then if you want, you can just withdraw the cash from the casino account. Then wait for the cash back to be withdrawable and withdraw that as well.
And you’ve got your guaranteed profit and it would normally be anywhere from sort of ten pounds, to thirty pound or, in the case, the labrokes offer, which is sort of more exceptional. You might make forty pound.
Or if you want, you could just risk that profit to try and get a big win. Remember on the slots, there’s some real massive wins. There’s bonus rounds on the sort of, get five on the line, and it pays out huge amount compared to your wager. So that’s, where it comes in, whether you want to bank the small, guaranteed twenty, thirty, forty pounds or you want to keep playing with that profit, and try and hit it big. Obviously, if you decide to try and hit it big, you just gotta work out the maths. So if you deposited twenty pound and got forty pound cashback and let’s, say you’ve kept twenty, pound in your account.

[7:22] In your casino account, that means a forty pound profits, so you just need to be sure that you only then wager that forty pounds you don’t want to get do anything silly.

[7:35] Deposit another twenty pound and waiting sixty pound, and you’ve wiped all your profits out, basically. It just takes a little bit of self discipline, but for most people, that should be fine.
If you do find yourself, I don’t know, maybe have slightly addictive personality, then that’s not a good move, and you definitely want to just take the smaller profits.
Another thing you can do is there’s lots of the different casino websites, so you can sort of mix it up.
So on one of them, just bank the thirty quid profit on another bank again, another thirty quid profit and then on another one, you might just want to say, okay, I’m fine with this one being break-even.

[8:19] And adding up whatever the cash back is working out and keep playing on the slots until you get down to where it’s break-even and that way, you’ve got the best of both worlds. You’ll have a few banked profits, and then you’ll also have a few that are either end up being break even or they come in nicely.
So my biggest when I decided on Betfair to keep going and they had a game called Age Of Gods.
I can’t remember, I need to go back because this was a few months ago. I need to check the accounts, but it was comfortably over two hundred pound profit.
And it was a lot of fun as well, to be honest. So that was my biggest results so far.
And that was just on one website. That’s a good result. And there is… you’ll see for yourself on topcashback and quidco. There’s quite a lot of the different casinos so it’s up to you really how many you do if you’re not totally comfortable with it. One or two if you’re not totally comfortable with it.
It is completely legal. There’s nothing dodgy about it. Or you can really go through all the different offers. All the different casinos. Then really stack up some cash.

[9:31] The choice is all yours. I hope that make sense. It’s a bit difficult in a podcast to clearly explain this sort of process.
But if you do want to read more, you’ll find the full article on the website and like I say, you can also email me through the website or leave a comment on the actual article.
Hopefully, it makes sense. It’s a good opportunity. So if you’re not doing it, then you definitely want to jump on. And I hope that helps you make a bit more money.

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