This time out I covered something a little bit different. Click the play button above to listen to the recording.

I thought it would be good to share with you Feedly. A great website that’s free to use. By logging in to Feedly every few days you can see what new content bloggers have published. You don’t only have to follow personal finance bloggers, you can follow whatever you want.

Signing up is quick and easy to do and adding new sources is easy as well. There is also an app should you want to use it on your smartphone.

Episode 4

Episode 4 – Podcast Transcription

[0:02] Hello. Welcome to episode four of the podcast. I’m Chris as always. Something slightly different for this week’s podcast. As recommendations go I probably won’t do very many like this but I thought this was a really good one. And I’m going to explain how I keep up with the, what I consider to be the most useful, finance blogs. So by doing this, you’re enabling yourself to keep up with the latest of trends in ways to make extra money and tips and tricks to save money. So the way I do it is using a website called Feedly dot com.


[0:55] You may well have heard of it. You may already have it. They do also have an app, and you just need to type in Feedly into the app store and you can install it. I actually use the desktop version. I find it easier.
I do have the app installed but I tend to, well i’ve pretty much exclusively stuck to the desktop version, I do find it better.
What you do is, if you if you’re not a member, you just have to go to Feedly dot com and you, can join through different existing accounts. So if you’ve got google, I presume you will have a Goggle account, Facebook account, Twitter account and can actually join with your Evernote account as well I think. Easy, free, very quick to do.
And then once you’re logged in, it’s as simple as adding sources. Then what happens is it automatically pulls new posts from those sources.

[1:54] So if you’re following, say you really like twenty different blogs. You’ve effectively subscribed to them all and Feedly will pull the brand new posts. So each day you just have to login to your Feedly dot com. Or the Feedly app and you can see the absolute latest goings on and the best tips. It’s really easy and simple, but potentially could help you a lot. Because you can discover the sources very quickly.
Um, so i’ve been… I can’t help keep adding more blogs.

[2:33] As a free member… They do have premium upgrade ones, but for ninety percent, ninety-nine percent of people probably, the basic version will be free. And you can save, I think it’s up to one hundred sources. I thought that’s never going to be anywhere near that, but i think i’m probably up to about fifty.

[2:51] Yeah, i’m just looking through now, I can’t actually she see an exact number, but, yeah, quite a lot.

[3:00] So yeah, it’s a great way to keep up with the best. The latest in the best blogs in your opinion and the latest postings that they’ve made. And it means you can potentially jump on opportunities very quickly. So if you’re not doing anything like this, then I would definitely recommend you do. And if you are already, it might be worth just going through and refreshing your sources. Any that you don’t really like, unsubscribe from and maybe have a search around, see people are commenting on blogs and just generally, you know other websites that you come across that you might not have subscribed to stick them into your Feedly. It’s free and easy. You might see some great stuff.

[3.40] That’ll be it for today’s podcast. Nice and short. I hope it helps and go join Feedly now and then hopefully you can discover some really good stuff pretty soon.

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