In this weeks episode I discuss making money with YouTube. Lot’s of people think it’s not an opportunity for them. Thanks to freelancers and a variety of video types it is within the reach of everyone.

Work has to be put in to start with but the revenue can keep coming in years later. It’s not the true definition of a passive income but over time it will become passive. Once a new video is created and out there it is done then.

The thing that I especially like about this side-hustle is that it can be very creative. It does also require a learning too which is always fun on such an exciting topic. Giving yourself the chance of big bucks is always good too. With the potential for virality this falls into the category of potential big earners.

Recently the news came out that changes are happening to the partner program. You can read in my blog post about the new YouTube monetization requirements that are now in place. 10,000 views are now required before you can make money from it. That’s not a problem though because it will benefit the wider community overall.

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