This is an introduction to the new podcast. I will be publishing it regularly using Soundcloud to start with. The plan is to see over time how it goes and adapt from there. This is a solo podcast.

No set schedule has been made for new episodes. This was episode 1 to simply act as an introduction and for me to get used to the processes of uploading and getting it distributed to a few different sources. It’s less than a minute long.

The topics will always remain strictly financial. Recent blog posts will always form the basis for content of what I will ramble on about. The aim is to keep each episode short and sweet. There are plenty of good podcasters out there who make much longer listens and I don’t want to compete with them so instead I will stick with smaller timeframes.

If you have any ideas for content you would like covered then of course I am open to suggestions and would love to see what I can come up with in response. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can stick around.

Episode 1

Episode 1 – Podcast Transcription

[0:01] Hello, welcome to the first podcast of the personal finance blog.

This is just a really quick introduction. My name’s Chris, I run the website and I decided to start up this podcast is a little sort of side venture of the main website. It will just be me sort of talking about current topics and what I’ve been posting about recently.

So just another way to digest the information that I post on the blog really, so, if you’re interested in looking after your money, making more money, spending less money, that sort of thing, hopefully I can bring you lots of good information. I will try and distribute this podcast around and wherever you’re listening if you’d like to subscribe, hopefully I can give you lots of good information. Thanks for listening.

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