Here are the best strategies to progress your levels on Yahtzee With Buddies. It’s a very fun game and new players can also find the offer to get paid to play the game via plenty of offerwalls and websites such as Swagbucks.

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Progress your levels rapidly!

Many offerwall offers will require you to reach level 33. Let’s look at the best ways to rapidly increase your levels in the Yahtzee With Buddies app game.

You don’t need to invite any real friends, pay for any purchases, or use any cheats. And using these tips you don’t need to play many matches. Here are the things you should do.

Your #1 Rule – Prioritise The Daily ‘Gift Grab’!

You’ll find the daily ‘Gift Grab’ by clicking the gold trophy near the top of the screen. When you click the gold trophy you’ll then see a title called ‘Rewards’ and the Gift Grab graphic will be displayed (once per day). Here’s how it looks highlighted in red:

Demonstration based on experience
Click the trophy in the menu, and then the ‘CLAIM’ button.

This is your most important focus in the Yahtzee With Buddies game for levelling up! It’s critical to levelling up quickly because it’ll give you a huge amount of ‘scratchers’ (talked about below).

Maintain A Minimum Dice Balance Of 14

Before you start your daily gift grab make sure have at least a dice balance of 14 otherwise the game will be over quickly and you won’t win won much.

Ultimately, the more dice you have the better! This’ll allow you to keep the gift grab going for longer before you click ‘give up’ to collect your prize. Here are the dice costs to continue playing each time you get a red cross:

  • 2 dice
  • 4 dice
  • 8 dice
  • 12 dice
  • 18 dice
  • 24 dice
  • 32 dice

You can see why it’s tricky to complete all 40 levels of the Gift Grab! If you can start each day with 44 dice (it’ll mean you can hit 5 red crosses) to give yourself at least some chance of going all the way.

And never get greedy! As soon you’ve ran out of dice, exit and collect your rewards by clicking ‘give up’.

The game will reset each morning so get in a habit of loading the app up once a day at a time that suits you to play the gift grab.

How To Get Your Dice Balance As High As Possible

Here are ways to keep your dice balance high. You can see your current balance in the middle of the screen at the top of the game interface.

Never Use Your Dice Balance During Matches!

You need as many dice as possible for your daily gift grab. To keep the balance high never use dice during matches.

Watch As Many Ads As You Can

Whenever the opportunity arises watch an ad. Watch as many ads as you can to get lots of free dice!

You can often watch an ad reward after a game against an opponent finishes. You can also often watch one after each scratcher (mentioned below), and by clicking on the ‘Store’ icon in the bottom right of the screen and looking for a purple button that says ‘WATCH AN AD’.

Dice Are Prizes During The Daily Gift Grab

The more levels you pass during in the Daily Gift Grab, the more chance you have of winning dice as prizes. This is why you want to start with a high dice balance and do as many levels as possible. You could say … it’s a domino effect 😉 .

Scratch The Scratchers Individually

Scratchers are what you will win during the Daily Gift Grab. You want as many as possible! They’ll provide a huge amount of your points to get you levelling up fast.

Be sure to scratch each scratcher individually and after every one watch an ad if it gives you the chance, that’ll mean another scratcher! Once you no longer see the button to watch an ad you can click the ‘quick scratch’ button instead to save time.

Here’s how the ‘watch ad’ button will look after a scratcher. It won’t always be there, they seem to limit how many ads each player can watch per day (this may be affected by the region you’re in).

How the 'watch ad' button looks during gameplay
After each scratcher click the ‘WATCH AD’ button highlighted in red

Play Some Yahtzee Matches Against Opponents

As a result of the amount of XP you win from the scratchers won during the Daily Gift Grab game a lot of the Yahtzee matches can become redundant. But it’s still important to play some matches.

Each day if you earn 200 points for the day by taking turns in the individual Yahtzee matches against opponents you get a ‘small chest’. It gives a reasonable amount of XP so it’s worth taking enough turns each day to unlock it.

You don’t get much XP from completing the matches. 100XP if you lose. 150XP if you win. But they’ll still add up and also contribute to your daily ‘small chest’ points as mentioned above. It can be a really fun game though so if you enjoy them go for it and win as many games as you can!

Ignore The Different Game Modes

There are all sorts of different ‘tournaments’ and flashy graphics it try’s to get you to play in the game and via push notifications. You can easily complete the offer without playing them so ignore them and stick with the classic Yahtzee matches and getting as many scratchers as you can using the Gift Grab.

Play Everyday

This is important with any game you want to level up quickly! Yahtzee With Buddies is no different! Be sure to login and play at least a little bit each day.

When Your Offer Will Credit

If you’re playing the game to complete a reward and earn some money then you’ll want to keep an eye on when it credits.

Check the offerwall you’re using to see the exact offer you’re part of. Payouts were multi-tiered in our Swagbucks experience (levels 8, 22 and 33). For some reason the payout levels were crediting one level earlier than they were actually reached.

It didn’t take long to complete the offer. The first 2 tiers were reached very quickly (see below). And then the final goal of level 33 went into a pending state on the 21st of the month, meaning it took 14 days between level 22 and level 33 using the strategies listed above.

Proof of credits at Swagbucks.

This was one of the easiest completions ever in terms of game play, earning 2400 Swagbucks in the process. An offer well worth completing.

These are just some strategy ideas based on one players experience! Think of what works best for you to can get the maximum fun out of the game while also levelling up to earn yourself some money from the game.

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