Clickworker FAQ’s

Here’s the MoneyCortex knowledge base focused on Clickworker, a well-established crowdworking website.

Q: How does Clickworker work? If I’m a member how do I make money from it?

A: Clickworker is a crowdworking website that allows you to complete short-tasks. You get paid for each task you successfully complete. They also use a third-party survey partner to allow you to earn extra money from filling out surveys. You can make the most money from being accepted into UHRS, a platform inside of Clickworker which allows you to complete short “hits” in return for financial compensation. You are paid in Euros once a week as long as you have reached the payout threshold.
Q: What rate does Clickworker pay?

A: Pay varies depending on the task you are doing. There’s no set figure as to what Clickworker pay. The tasks that are available to you will depend on your location and also the assessments you’ve passed, such as an English task. When there’s lots of UHRS hits available as well as other tasks on the Clickworker dashboard it is possible to earn hundreds of dollars in a week. But other weeks you may earn very little. That’s the nature of the work.

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