Over time MoneyCortex is being built up into an encyclopaedia of ways to make extra money. Most of the money-making methods can be done from the comfort of your own home using your smartphone or a PC. Methods include freelancing, surveys, crowdworking, dropshipping, and more.

If you’re short on time and quickly want to find places to earn extra money from then this list is for you.

PLEASE BE AWARE these are not in any particular order. Different opportunities suit different people. If you’re taking it seriously then go through each one and work out what’s best for your needs, goals, and circumstances.

  1. QMEE
  2. Prolific
  3. Profit from casino cashback offers (UK only)
  4. PrizeRebel
  5. Invest in eco-friendly debentures (UK only)
  6. Learn about crypto and trade in and out to profit from volatility (risky and requires good education on the topic!)
  7. Clickworker (if using UHRS only have one account across all platforms)
  8. Lionbridge (if using UHRS only have one account across all platforms)
  9. Teemwork (if using UHRS only have one account across all platforms)
  10. OneForma (if using UHRS only have one account across all platforms)
  11. Appen
  12. Money making subreddits
  13. Setup a youtube channel
  14. Swagbucks
  15. Matched betting
  16. GoBranded
  17. Y Live (formerly Populus)
  18. YouGov
  19. OnePoll
  20. Crowdology
  21. PeoplePerHour.com
  22. Create Fiverr gigs
  23. Upwork
  24. SliceThePie.com
  25. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  26. Setup your own web hosting company
  27. Sell old stuff on eBay
  28. Learn about antiques and buy them at auction, restore them, and sell for a profit
  29. Sell old stuff on Amazon
  30. Sell old stuff to a site like MusicMagpie
  31. Setup your own travel price comparison website
  32. Setup a dropshipping ecommerce website using Shopify
  33. Buy pallets of stock items in bulk and resell on auction sites such as eBay, ship the orders yourself.
  34. Design clothing and sell it using print-on-demand services such as Printful
  35. Design and sell downloadables and printables
  36. Sell templates on Canva
  37. Create a podcast and sell sponsorships
  38. Testbirds.com
  39. Complete short user tests on Enrollapp.com
  40. Answer low paying surveys on Lifepointspanel.com
  41. Buy and sell domain names
  42. Userbrain.net
  43. UserFeel.com
  44. Complete small user tests as usercrowd
  45. Transcribe audio at Rev.com
  46. Transcribe audio at Waywithwords.net
  47. Be a proofreader at somewhere like Proofed
  48. Complete micro-tasks at Microworkers.com
  49. Test.io
  50. Test paid to test mobile games at app.playtestcloud.com/signup
  51. Take surveys at pulselabs.ai/panelists/
  52. Answer short surveys using the OnePulse app (UK only)
  53. Angelfish-opinions.com
  54. Focusforce.com (London area only)
  55. Panelopinion.co.uk (UK only)
  56. Grapevinepanel.co.uk (UK only)
  57. Crowdwork at OneSpace.com
  58. Make money from social media sharing (blog post coming soon)
  59. PickMyPostcode.com (UK only)
  60. Lend to businesses using FundingCircle and receive interest
  61. Use a “cash to clothes” website to get money for old clothes you no longer wear. ReturnToEarn are one of them
  62. Create a course and sell it on Udemy
  63. Learn to produce music, upload to Spotify and earn royalties
  64. Sell stock music on Sellfy (instant payouts available via Stripe or PayPal)
  65. Create a sell stock sound effects at Payhip
  66. Create high quality products and sell them on Etsy
  67. Create high-quality and unique products and sell them on NotOnTheHighStreet
  68. Publish on Medium.com in their partner program
  69. Create mobile and desktop games with software such as Construct3 or Godot and sell them on platforms such as Steam
  70. Live stream gaming on Twitch to earn donations and build a monthly-paying subscriber base
  71. Topcashback (UK only)
  72. Quidco (UK only)
  73. OhMyDosh.co.uk
  74. Use Honey browser extension
  75. Answer short surveys using the Streetbees app and earn fast PayPal payouts
  76. Become a shepherd for shepper
  77. Sell currency coins and notes from your holiday to LeftoverCurrency.com
  78. Complete small tasks for people at TaskRabbit
  79. Use Trading212 to build a dividend stock portfolio and receive regular dividend payments
  80. Use RobinHood to build a dividend stock portfolio and receive regular dividend payments
  81. Use FreeTrade.io to build a dividend stock portfolio and receive regular dividend payments
  82. Drive riders around for Uber
  83. Drive riders around for Lyft
  84. Deliver food for companies such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat
  85. JustPark – rent out your driveway or garage
  86. Write books and sell them using Amazon KDP
  87. Get your wobbly bits out for people on OnlyFans!
  88. Share affiliate links on your social profiles
  89. Contribute stock images to Stocksy and earn commission
  90. Upload and sell stock photos and videos on Shutterstock
  91. Upload and sell stock photos and videos on Dreamstime
  92. Earn from vectors uploaded to Vecteezy in a 50% revenue split
  93. Be a contributor at Getty (photos, stock videos, and illustrations) and earn
  94. Buy a reseller web hosting package and sell individual web hosting packages to other entrepreneurs
  95. Use a white label domain reseller service to sell domain registrations to website owners
  96. Buy websites and flip them like Matt Diggity does
  97. Got a large amount of cash to invest? Buy a property and rent it out on Airbnb
  98. Some banks will pay you a one-off lump sum of cash to switch to them
  99. Share your interet bandwidth and get paid at Honeygain

If you know of any more you think we should add here then let us know!