It pays to have a solid strategy if you are looking to make extra money. If you are short of time, but still keen to make worthwhile amounts over time, this strategy is for you.

I call it the “money drip method”.

For this to work you need to be a patient person and someone who is in it for the long-term. Some people look at making extra money and give up quickly. If you are someone who gives up quickly it’s not for you.

How it works

The principle is very simple. You need to make an effort, every single day to earn a small amount. Set a target, even if it is only a couple of pounds or dollars depending on your location.

Each day’s effort will only bring in a small amount. A drip. But what do drips eventually build up to over time? That’s right, a big lovely puddle! The only question will then be; what to do with your big puddle?

Bear in mud

Ignore that bear he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The vital ingredient here is consistency. The maths add up very nicely. For example, you could set a daily target of just £2 if you are in the UK. Whether you use answer surveys at websites like MintVine, click on sponsored ads at Qmee, or review music at SliceThePie. It doesn’t match which you pick, stick with your trusted sources.

Considering you can sit down each day and get the £2 target in no time it’s not difficult. Over a year it will bring in £730. That is a fantastic puddle.

How to succeed with this method

This is one of those methods that sounds easy on the surface. You could even do it on top of existing money making efforts. But as with everything, it is about the execution. You have to do it right!

A routine is your best friend. If you can set a time each day, say in the evening, 8pm maybe. Fire up your laptop, smartphone or whatever you will be using. Then get going.

Your second best friend will be a daily target. We are dripping money remember, this is something we want to do very quickly each day, so it needs to be low.

Finally, you will need some sort of document to track it. A spreadsheet is ideal. One column of dates, then next to it put whether you met your daily target. That’s it! Alternatively, you could buy a calendar to keep on the wall and each day you complete your money drip method you chuck a big tick in for that day. That has the benefit of being visual and good at reminding you to do it.

If you like the sound of this method and think it’s for you don’t just leave this page and plan to do it later. Start now, I mean right now! Grab a calendar or make your daily spreadsheet, write down your routine and daily target and get dripping!