When survey websites have high thresholds it can take a long time to get paid! It’s often better to use fast paying survey sites so you can get the cash in your hands quickly. Here is a list I’ve put together of survey companies in order of payout levels. Starting with the lowest including one that pays instantly. Hopefully it helps you decide which to join.

In the table below you will see different currencies. This is because they use different currencies and some of the bigger providers use multiple currencies for different regions.

All links to the low payout survey sites will open in a new window so you can keep this list open. They are all free to join.

Survey sites to make money from in order of payout thresholds

WebsitePayout LevelPayment MethodsCountries
QMEE$0.01PaypalUK and USA
OpinionOutpost2.50Paypal or gift cardsCanada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain
Pinecone Research$3.00Cheque, Paypal, Amazon, or Prepaid VisaUSA
Crowdology£4.00 or $8.00PaypalUK only
Prolific5.00PaypalUK, USA, Australia + many other countries
SwagBucks5.00Paypal or gift cardsUSA, UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia
PrizeRebel$5.00Paypal or gift cardsUSA, UK, Canada, Australia
Clickworker€5.00PaypalUK, USA, Europe + most countries worldwide
LifePoints$5.00 / £5.00Paypal or vouchersUK, USA, most countries
Microworkers$9.00Paypal or PayoneerUK and USA
GoBranded$10.00Paypal or gift cardsUSA, Canada, UK
GetPaidTo£10.00Bank transfer or PaypalUK
Panelbase£10.00Bank transfer or vouchersUK
Influence (Android App)£10.00PaypalUSA, UK and Australia
Surveybods£15.00Bank transfer or amazon gift cardsUK
Inbox Pounds£20.00Cheque or Amazon voucherUK
Opinium£25.00Bank transfer, cheque, or Amazon voucherUK only
OnePoll40.00Paypal and bank transferUK, USA, European countries and worldwide panels
YouGov50.00Paypal, some countries giftcard only.USA, UK, China + many other countries

Please note that this resource is purely focused on how long it takes each website to pay you. It has no relation to how much you can earn with them or how good their reviews are by users. Please check each one out and only join if you are comfortable with it.

A few of the links above (not many) are affiliate links to help fund the running costs of this website. If you don’t want to click on them for whatever reason just type of the name into Google and you’ll find them. Please be aware that other blogs you’ll see online will only tell you about the survey companies that will pay them referral commissions. They do it because their true interest is in filling their own pockets, not yours (why do you think so many of them push SwagBucks so heavily). I hope you appreciate my efforts to share everything with you whether it will generate me money or not. All support is appreciated.

Details about some of the websites

QMEE, the first company in the table, are predominantly focused on paying you to click results in search engines. But they also have a surveys section when you login in your members account. They pay instantly via Paypal when you request a cashout so they should be top of your list to join. You can’t get any faster than instant payment! I once did a study if you are interested to see how much you can earn from QMEE searches and surveys. As far as I’m aware at this time they are the only company offering paypal surveys with no minimum payout.

SwagBucks has lots of different ways to earn, but for the surveys navigate to the ‘Answer’ section of their members area.

Opinion Outpost usually pay very quickly. Some bloggers say it’s instant, but it isn’t. Often you’ll get paid in under 15minutes though. Sometimes it can take upto 48hrs.

At PrizeRebel the minimum amount you can request via cash to your Paypal account is $5. But above that you can request any custom amount which is useful to avoid loose change sitting in the account!

Influence App (formerly VoxPopMe) is an app that does video surveys. It asks you a question and then you get paid. If you are not comfortable recording videos on your smartphone then don’t join them. Personally I find it a lot of fun and have received 4 payouts from them. It’s not for everyone though. Another app you could also try which isn’t listed in the table above is Slidejoy.

Got any more good places that should be included?

Over time I am going to add more and more. If there are any others that have been missed off please let me know using the comments section below and they’ll be added in.

Thanks for stopping by, if you’ve read this far down the page what are you doing, get joining the sites and stacking some easy money!