This page will help you find low payout survey sites that enable you to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold quickly.

When online survey websites have high thresholds it can take a long time to get paid! This can be damaging to your motivation to earn extra money in your spare time. Part of the solution can be to join survey sites with a low cashout requirement.

List of paid survey sites ordered by payout threshold

The table below starts with paid survey websites that have no required minimum balance to pay you. The links will open in in a new window

WebsitePayout LevelPayment MethodsCountries
QMEE$0.01PayPalUK and USA
OpinionOutpost2.50PayPal or gift cardsCanada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain
SwagBucks3.00PayPal or gift cardsUSA, UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia
Pinecone Research (UK)£3Bank transferUK only$5PayPal, gift cards, gaming skinsGlobal
PrizeRebel$5.00PayPal or gift cardsUSA, UK, Canada, Australia and most countries
Crowdology£4.00 or $8.00PayPalUK only£5.00PayPalUK, USA, Australia + many other countries
Clickworker€5.00PayPalUK, USA, Europe + most countries worldwide
LifePointsPanel$5.00 / £5.00PayPal or vouchersUK, USA, most countries
Microworkers$9.00PayPal or PayoneerUK, USA, Canada, Australia and most other countries
GoBranded$10.00PayPal or gift cardsUSA, Canada, UK
GetPaidTo£10.00Bank transfer, PayPal, Dogecoin, Skrill, Amazon vouchersAll countries
Panelbase£10.00Bank transfer or vouchersUK
Surveybods£15.00Bank transfer or Amazon gift cardsUK
Inbox Pounds£20.00Cheque or Amazon voucherUK
Opinium£25.00Bank transfer, cheque, or Amazon voucherUK only
OnePoll£25.00PayPal and bank transferUK, USA, European countries and worldwide panels
YouGov50.00PayPal, some countries giftcard only.USA, UK, China + many other countries
PopulusLive£50.00Bank transferUK only

In the table, you’ll see different currencies. This is because they use different currencies and some of the bigger providers use multiple currencies for different regions.

A few of the links above are affiliate links to help fund the running costs of If you don’t want to click on them (for whatever reason) please type the name into your preferred search engine and you’ll find them.

Key things to know


QMEE, the first company in the table, also allows you to earn money from clicking results in search engines as well as from cashback offers. But surveys are a major aspect of their service. Once logged in to Qmee click the ‘Surveys’ button in the menu to find them.

Qmee payout instantly to your PayPal account when you request a cashout. You can’t get any faster than instant payment! We once did a study if you’re interested to see how much you can earn from QMEE searches and surveys. As far as we’re aware at this time they are the only company offering PayPal surveys with no minimum payout. That’s why some people consider them to be one of the best in the industry.


Swagbucks has lots of different ways to earn, but for the surveys navigate to the ‘Answer’ section of their members’ area. Their menu can be a bit clunky to use when you first get started. Have patience and you’ll get used to it.


At PrizeRebel the minimum amount you can request via cash to your Paypal account is $5. But above that you can request any custom amount which is useful to avoid loose change sitting in the account!

Influence App

Influence App (formerly VoxPopMe) is an app that does video surveys. It asks you a question and then you get paid. If you’re not comfortable recording videos on your smartphone then don’t join them. It can be a lot of fun but it’s not for everyone.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone is popular because it pays a higher reward amount per survey in comparison to most of the industry. However, it’s a bit different from other panels in that it has a screening process meaning you’re not guaranteed to be accepted.

Benefits of using survey websites with low withdrawal thresholds

  • Easier to reach the threshold, allowing you to get paid your rewards sooner
  • You lose less money if something happens to your account or the website
  • You can get payouts more regularly
  • It can be more motivating
  • Ideal if you’re a student who may have to stop answering questionaires in order to focus on studies

How to know which website is best for you

Be aware that this resource list is focused solely on what earnings level you have to reach so you can get paid. It has no relation to how much you can earn with them in total or how good their reviews are by users.

Please do your own due diligence and check each one out and only join if you’re comfortable with it. Reading their FAQs can help.

Some of the websites use offerwalls to supply their surveys, the list doesn’t take into account the percentage compensation you receive. For example, two survey websites might both use the PeanutLabs platform, but one might give you a 60% profit share and another might give you 70%. There’s never an explicit way of knowing.

When it comes to making extra money from surveys it can be wise to join lots of sites to see for yourself which is best for you. You can always delete your account if you decide to not use it. Remember there are lots of variables that affect your earnings, for more on this topic see our list of factors that affect your income from surveys.

Do you know more survey sites that should be included here?

To help keep the data on this page up-to-date please comment (or email) if you experience anything different from what’s included in the data table. Or you’re welcome to recommend any new websites. We’ve done our best by doing our own research but user submissions help out a lot. Each website submitted must fulfill the criteria of; free to join, provide rewards of real money, and be a legitimate company.

Thanks for stopping by, if you’ve read this far down the page what are you doing, get joining the sites and stacking some easy money!