In this weeks episode I talk you through a quick little tip that will increase the amount of cashback you get.

Using this easy method you can get anywhere from 3.5% extra all the way up to 25% if you fly with BA.

Apologies for the slight problems with the microphone in this video. I was struggling with my pop filter. I will work on it so it’s not a problem in the future.

If you want to ask any questions about this topic please leave a comment in the topcashback article.

Episode 5

Episode 5 – Podcast Transcription

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[0:12] Welcome to episode five of the podcast. Sorry I forgot then which one it was. In today’s… For this week’s recommendation, a nice little quick one which is more specific to the UK, actually, but it’s to, take advantage of cash back bonus offers to maximize your cash back.
Most thrifty living people, people that maximize their money, use cash back websites. If you’re not already, then you definitely should it’s literally money for nothing.
One of the basics of getting extra income. I’m referring to topcashback which in the uk is topcashback dot co dot UK. And i’m pretty sure the US version is simply topcashback dot com.
When you go to cash out, they have bonus options so dependent on the method you choose, you get more money. So my recommendation is to simply plan ahead. And if you log into your account or if not, you create one and login. You’ll see the various options and what you can do is, there’s all sorts of different retailers and this is specific to the UK.

[1:20] They use a voucher system called “love to shop” and there’s all sorts of British retailers, like Boots, Argos, and Halfords, Mothercare, Toys R Us. So if you’ve got kids, it’s great. Debenhams is one of them. I think there’s also Alton Towers so if you want a day out, this is a good way to get a little bonus money.
Or, alternatively, if you’re a big Amazon shopper than they also do three point five percent bonus if you, withdraw your cash via an Amazon dot co dot uk gift card. So all you have to do is plan ahead because you’ll get more cash, you get more money doing those methods compared to if you just withdraw via, either paypal or straight to your bank account.
There’s no point withdrawing to your bank account to then go and buy something. You might as well just get the bonus and you’ll have the gift card straight away.
It’s a small little tip. You can get anywhere from three point five percent up to twenty five percent on British Airways.

It’s very incredibly quick and easy to do. Just gotta login, have a look, plan ahead and then when the time comes when you’re ready to buy. Withdraw by that specific method, and you get a bit of extra cash for absolutely nothing. I hope that helps. If you enjoyed the episode please subscribe to the podcast and I’ll see you in another episode.

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