Crossy road scoreCrossy Road is a very addictive game, it can be ideal for a quick blast on a work lunch break! When the score starts to build it can begin to feel a bit frantic. Here are different ways that should help you get a new high score. At least one or two will be able to help you. If none of them help you then must be a very good player and in that case, why are you here! There are no cheats or hacks here, just good advice. The different ways are in no particular order.

Tip 1.. Use the pause button in the top right of the screen. Wait until you are in a safe place, best not to do it in the middle of the crossing, click the pause button and catch a breath and let your fingers rest.
Use pause button

Tip 2 is to tap right behind your character, not at the side of your screen. If you aren’t used to this it may take a bit of getting used to, but give it a try.
Tap behind character

Tip 3 is getting good at going backwards. You can’t always just hop forwards as you will run out of gaps in traffic or river logs. All the good players that get the big scores are very fluid in their movements and able to go back a step or two in order to avoid danger so they can then proceed forwards.
Go back first

Tip 4 is to get past cars quickly to give you the most time to react to your next upcoming moves, but don’t be too hasty that you jump in to the vehicle!
Get past cars quickly

Tip 5 is to enter rivers near the middle, this gives you the maximum width to work with and buys a bit of extra time.
Enter rivers near middle

Tip 6 is to play with one of the easier characters. Stay away from ones like Grave Digger or Ghost because the lighting effects mean you see less and a speedy car can quickly wipe you out. Choose a character with not too many effects and who moves quickly, try out a few to pick your fave. The basketball player is popular in the office.
Easiest characters

Tip 7 is to get in the habit of looking well ahead, not at the actual character. You need to know what is ahead not only in the next step but the next few. This may sound obvious but be double sure you are doing it.
Look well ahead

Tip 8 is to sprint for it when possible. For a start, this feels like good fun when you quickly burst thru a load of steps. But don’t overdo it and go ploughing into a train or anything. It will help quickly up your score and is a good way to make ground up so you have a bit more time should you then come up to a trickier section which requires more patience.
Sprint for it

Tip 9 is to quickly lookout for patterns in large areas such as multiple log crossing. This will give you a better chance of getting across and not getting caught out and ending up reaching the sides and getting washed away bringing your score to an abrupt end.
Look for patterns

Tip 10 is to ignore the coins. Once you have got a few good characters to use it doesn’t matter, you will get given free ones anyway. In chasing coins you waste time and run the risk of making a mistake. Ignore them, focus on the score that is all.
Ignore coins

Put those ideas into action and see how you do. If you forget them come back to remind yourself of them and have another crack. Persistence is important, keep going with your new arsenal of skills and eventually, the big scores will mount up! No matter how many works breaks it takes, you will get there. Be careful if you’re self-employed though, it could end up reducing your income.

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Happy gaming.

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Last update: April 29, 2023