There are quite a few websites that run a daily poll for members to answer in return for cash. Each time you can only earn small amounts, but they take literally seconds to do and if you can build them into a routine then over a full year it can add up.

Qmee – the daily question at Qmee doesn’t directly pay you anything, but if you log in to your dashboard for 5 days on the trot and answer it each day then you’ll get a 10% increase on the amount you get paid for surveys you answer. It potentially makes it the most lucrative of all the offers listed here. Only available in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

BrandedSurveys – Earn 5 cents (USD) each day if you answer their daily poll. If you were to log in every day of the year and answer the poll you’d earn $18.25 over the year. Each day the poll is one quick simple question to answer.

Swagbucks – Earn 1 Swagbuck each day you answer their daily poll. It works out less than 1 cent, but if you log in every day and answer it alongside other earning opportunities the money will build up.

PickMyPostcode (UK only) – if you like to play free lotteries then you’ll probably already know about PickMyPostcode (formerly Free Postcode Lottery). They don’t actually have a daily poll that guarantees to pay out but they do have lots of different draws each day. When you check them you’ll also receive a cash bonus added to your balance. This cash bonus is only paid out in the event your postcode comes up one day and you log in to claim your prize. The net result though would be a payout much higher than just the regular prize. To see your balance, look for the ‘My Bonus’ section in the menu.

Panelbase (UK only) – On the Panelbase website they run ‘minipolls’ that members can answer. You don’t get paid for them, but you do get entry credits into a monthly competition. Some of the prizes in the monthly draw are quite generous.

PanelOpinion (UK only) – these aren’t quite daily but they are regular. You don’t get paid each time but you do get ‘stars’ towards prize draws. If you’re a regular survey-filler at the website then you’ll be logging in to your account anyway so you should see them as part of your routine.

If you know of any more daily money makers similar to these please send in an email to let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Last update: April 28, 2023