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Reddit has some very good communities that can help you make money online. Here I will run through the best ones I know and give a brief description of each. Check them out to see the latest posts that might help put more cash into your wallet.

Best Reddit communities to earn cash from
One of the most popular communities with lots of subscribers and regular activity. At Beermoney people discuss the websites and online money-making opportunities they are currently profiting from.
Find people who need tasks doing and will pay you a bit of money for doing them. The type of tasks varies quite a lot so it’s worth bookmarking, just because there isn’t anything suitable there today you may find things you can do on other days. It is a very active subreddit with regular new postings.
If you use Qmee to earn money (you get paid for clicking on sponsored links in search engine results, see my earnings from Qmee) this subreddit will give you ideas of things to search for in Google and Yahoo. Each week there is a list of search terms people have used to successfully earn from.
Get paid by people for joining websites using their links. They are normally very easy to do. On average there are a few new offers every day.
If you regularly use Swagbucks (see our review) then this community will help you learn about the best ways to make money from Swagbucks at the moment.
If you work at Amazon mTurk completing microtasks then this community will help keep you up-to-date on the latest goings on and give you a measure of how much money other people are making and what tasks they are making it on.
This one I don’t tend to find as useful as the others but you may still find the old golden nugget of information so it’s worth taking a quick peek at.

2x Bonuses
This one is slightly different. You can’t make any money from it but if you have giftcards for retailers you don’t want you can try and exchange them with others.
Likewise with this one you can’t make extra money, but you can reduce your outgoings. At the “frugal” community you will find lots of links to the latest ways people are getting things cheap.

Know of any more good places?

If you know of any more subreddits that are active and would be useful here please leave a comment below or send an email and I will add the link to this page.

I’m sometimes active in these communities so if you are going to see start posting in them I’ll see you there!

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