TopCashback holds competitions throughout the year with some excellent cash prizes on offer. Head over to now to log in or sign-up and see if a competition is live. Here are some ways you can maximise your chances of winning prizes.

There are lots of nice little prizes to be won during the TopCashback competitions. You can get anything from a teeny tiny £0.10 all the way up to a cool £1,000. In total there is £15,000 to be won between all the members!

How do you take part and win in TopCashback competitions?

Steps to take part in TopCashback competitions:

  1. Each day you need to log in to TopCashback.
  2. Click the competition banner that shows up across the bottom of the screen.
  3. You’ll see a daily clue.
  4. Work out what the clue means and type the company/brand name into the search box of TopCashback.
  5. Visit the listing page for that brand, wait a few seconds and then you’ll see a hummingbird start flying around the screen.
  6. Click on the hummingbird and it will tell you if you’ve won a prize or got closer to winning a prize. At the minimum, you get an extra entry to the mega draw.
  7. Be sure to log in every single day for the different daily clues!

You’ll be notified by the company if you’re a big winner in the main draw.

How do you give yourself the best chances of winning?

You need lady luck on your side to be a big winner in this giveaway as there are many members who get involved! However, there are actions you can take to give yourself the maximum chance of picking up some winnings even if they’re only small prizes. Here are some actions you can take to boost your chances of being a winner.

Tip 1 – never miss a hummingbird even if the clue is tricky

Sometimes the clues can be tricky to work out. If you’re struggling with where to find hummingbirds, here’s a nice little time-saving trick you can do. This video was recorded for MoneyCortex during the Christmas competition demonstrating how it’s done. It doesn’t work if you log in early in the morning though, the evening is the best time!

What to do when you can’t find a hummingbird on TopCashback

That cheeky trick should guarantee you never miss a hummingbird!

Tip 2 – set an alarm to remind you to take part everyday

Be sure to log in every day and use the method above to save yourself time. Note it down in your routine so you remember to do it. Or alternatively set an alarm each day on your smartphone.

Tip 3 – share on social media using your referral link

Share the details of the competition on social media if you use Facebook and Twitter. But there is a slight twist to this method! Doing it this way gives you an added benefit.

Share competition details
Share on social media for extra entries

To start with; log in to TopCashback and go to the competition page to find the sharing links. See the screenshot above for how it looks. Click on each one to open up a page of the social media website. It will have some text and a link but you don’t have to use that! This is where an extra opportunity to get more money comes in.

For a start write in your own text, something a bit more unique and try to make it appealing to your followers. Then, remove the default link and put in your own affiliate referral link. You can find that by going to the ‘Account’ section and then clicking on the ‘Tell-a-Friend’ option.

Hit the send button once you’ve crafted your message. There are 3 benefits of this:

  1. You get 5 bonus entries to the grand draw.
  2. You are helping your friends potentially win money too and sharing a great website with them.
  3. If they join through your link you will get extra money!

Well worth doing for not much effort.

Tip 4 – Look out for random hummingbirds

They don’t always only show up don’t the clue pages. They can also show up on other pages too. If you’re doing a bit of online shopping and looking at lots of different listings on TopCashback, keep your eyes peeled!

Tip 5 – keep your fingers crossed

Okay, it probably won’t work but you never know!

Whilst we are on the topic of cashback if you didn’t see the recent MoneyCortex post then please also read about taking advantage of cashback bonuses to squeeze a bit of extra money for very little effort. That way if you are a winner you may be able to bump up your winnings by a few more percentage points!

Good luck!

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