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Founder and webmaster of MoneyCortex and a writer in the finance and investment field since December 2013. He always enjoys the never-ending journey that life provides when you’re consistently learning new things.

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Paid surveys don’t pay a high hourly rate but can bring in legitimate extra cash

It’s great to make extra money from surveys. But you need the right approach and attitude. Let’s look at the best way to go about it.

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How to use your business plan for guidance but not become numb to it

All businesses should have a business plan no matter what stage they’re at. Whether you’re creating a small side-hustle such […]

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How to keep up with the personal finance blogs you find useful

Personal finance is a sector awash with good-quality resources. Let’s take a look at the best way to keep up with everything.

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Lessons from 14 years of unpredictable self-employment

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, contractors, or gig economy worker – you have no boss telling you what to do. Your destiny is in your hands!

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Is it wise to pause pension payments to pursue other personal projects?

Investigating the cost of stopping pension payments to free up some cash.

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Use the ‘money drip method’ to consistently earn extra cash

It pays to have a solid strategy if you are looking to make extra money.

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Review of the impressively bad service by

I recently ordered a mug from and here is my review of the service complete with a photo of what I received!

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Boost your blog profits by using the grammar police and comment bullies in your favour

Tips on ways to benefit from people who leave nasty comments in your blog section.

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