By MoneyCortex on January 21, 2023
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Testable Minds have announced participants will receive higher hourly financial rewards when taking part in online research using their panel in 2023.

Minimum hourly rewards:

  • $7.50/hour for regular experiments
  • $10/hour for experiments that require a verified identity

The hourly earnings are a minimum and it’s possible for participants to earn higher rewards. These earnings represent significantly higher earnings compared to the average survey panel!

Payment methods remain unchanged for 2023 with Revolut and PayPal being the two payout choices.

About Testable and their quantity of studies

Testable Minds is operated by Testable Research, Inc. It’s a well-established research community that enables people from around the world to take part in studies being carried out by professionals from various institutions.

There was no mention in the announcement of forecasted volume of available online surveys. So it can be expected that it will be a platform that continues with quality surveys, but is low in quantity, especially compared to Prolific.

Members who regularly see this message don’t need to panic, “No studies currently matching your profile. We will let you know when new studies become available.” It’s common to see it. Being logged in for extended periods increases the chances of seeing an available survey. But the message can display for days with no studies to participate in.

New members can register at

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